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The Podcast About Division III Baseball

Mar 8, 2022

Welcome to Episode 95 of The Podcast About Division III Baseball. The first half of this pod is spent running through all the teams in the latest Top 25 poll. We touch on all 25 teams (at 2:30) in order but the discussion includes:

  • Why we still have North Central (IL) at #1
  • Thoughts on Salisbury, Southern Maine, and Johns Hopkins after seeing them in person
  • Lynchburg is the real deal + Grayson Thurman WOW
  • Takeaways from the UW-Whitewater/Trinity (TX) series
  • Wheaton (MA) is still underrated
  • Why we like Shenandoah but didn't rank them
  • The NJAC pecking order and why Willy P deserves more respect
  • The teams that have piled up wins but aren't climbing the rankings just yet -- East Texas Baptist, Hendrix, Marymount, Arcadia
  • and more!

Next (at 42:00), we do some shoutouts for some other standout series and performances over the last week, including:

  • An offensive explosion for Kalamazoo in their first series (Blake Bean omg)
  • Ryan Dominick at Wisconsin Lutheran
  • The Lancianese twins at Earlham
  • Ryan McCarty DOUBLE WATCH
  • Jake Stank at Anderson
  • CJ Willis at Western New England
  • FINLANDIA WON THREE GAMES IN A ROW, let's talk about the Lions and their incredibly challenging circumstances

Finally (at 50:28), we are joined by Brett Loftis, the voice of the Piedmont Lions, who tells us about his journey as a broadcaster, why he's so passionate about what he does, and what makes Carter Ballstadt the best D-III player in the country. 

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