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The Podcast About Division III Baseball

May 14, 2019

Welcome to Episode 44 of The Podcast About Division III Baseball. This is the second of eight regional preview podcasts in which we break down two regionals paired up for a super regional. This episode focuses on the Trinity (CT) and Cortland regionals. Topics include:

  • Trinity (CT) regional
    • 1. Babson (at 0:44)
      • The Beavers are a damn good baseball team and you've got to be on your super-duper A-game to beat them
    • 4. Keystone (at 4:45)
      • This is not your father's four-seed...the Giants have some DUDES
    • 2. Trinity (CT) (at 9:00)
      • Despite missing the NESCAC conference tournament, their remarkable resume earned them a two-seed and the right to host -- but how did they beat all those good teams?
    • 3. Salve Regina (at 11:50)
      • Few teams have three excellent starters like the Seahawks do, not to mention a legit All-American candidate in the outfield
  • Cortland regional
    • 1. Cortland (at 15:15)
      • It's the 27th-straight (!!!!!!!!!!) regional appearance for the Red Dragons. Need we say more?
    • 4. Alvernia (at 20:35)
      • They've got an All-American candidate, but will need the pitching to step up
    • 2. Penn State-Harrisburg (at 23:20)
      • Dingers, y'all. These guys are fun. 
    • 3. Tufts (at 27:43)
      • The NESCAC champs boast impressive numbers against weaker competition -- now they'll test themselves against some stronger teams
  • Our picks to win the two regionals

...then we say goodbye. Thanks for listening!

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