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The Podcast About Division III Baseball

Feb 10, 2018

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Podcast About Division III Baseball. This is the first of our eight regional preview podcasts -- this one focuses on the West region, AKA the region that has weather nice enough to start their seasons in early February. First, we lay out the obvious disclaimers and caveats about whatever flaming hot takes we present about teams in the West -- mainly that we haven't seen any of these teams, so we're giving the most educated and researched insight we can give based on the information we've got. We discuss the strongest regional contenders from each of the four West conferences -- the ASC, the NWC, the SCAC, and the SCIAC.

First (at 4:14), we talk about the favorites in the ASC, and why we love Texas-Dallas this year (despite their inconveniently timed 0-2 start!). Next (at 11:03), we discuss the teams of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, AKA the NWC, and whether any other teams have what it takes to take on Linfield. Next (at 16:36), we discuss the SCAC and Centenary's chances to dominate the region (especially after their hot start). We then head to California (at 22:54) to discuss the favorites way out west, including that purple and gold team that may or may not have won the national championship last year. Finally (at 31:10), we run through some other notable players to watch in the West, before giving our official TEAM TO BEAT and our Player and Pitcher of the Year. 

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