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The Podcast About Division III Baseball

Jun 6, 2019

Welcome to Episode 54 of The Podcast About Division III Baseball. The season ended and then the Draft happened, so there is a lot to talk about. We also have a special guest on because how could we not get Toby Welk on the podcast after winning Player of the Year and then getting drafted? Here's the agenda:

  • World Series review (at 0:30)
    • The Chapman Panthers are your 2019 National Champions 
    • 4 in a row for the West region!
    • Babson played three insane games
    • Replay at the World Series was weird and messy and hilarious
  • Draft review
    • The silliness of Day 3 of the Draft and why we love it so much (at 8:30)
    • Breaking down the 9 players selected
      • Baldwin-Wallace RHP Danny Cody -- Astros, 17th round (at 13:00)
      • Penn State-Berks 3B Toby Welk -- Orioles, 21st round (at 16:40)
      • Randolph-Macon RHP Nick Roth -- Orioles, 26th round (at 18:52)
      • East Texas Baptist C Casey Combs -- Marlins, 27th round (at 21:35)
      • Chapman RHP Tyler Peck -- Cardinals, 28th round (at 24:28)
      • Rowan OF Matt Woods -- Angels, 29th round (at 26:21)
      • Rowan RHP Danny Serreino -- Reds, 32nd round (at 28:57)
      • Berry RHP Dylan Beasley -- Nationals, 32nd round (at 32:45)
      • Shenandoah LHP Robert Klinchock -- Tigers, 35th round (at 36:13)
    • Why some players may or may have been selected (at 38:10)
    • The players we were most surprised weren't drafted (at 40:18)
  • Special guest/Player of the Year/Orioles 21st round pick Toby Welk joins the show (at 46:08)
    • What he was doing when the Orioles drafted him
    • How he went from being 5-foot-6 when he got his license to being Player of the Year and getting drafted
    • Recounting all 6 of his strikeouts this season
    • How he became obsessed with the art of hitting
    • ...and more!

...then we say goodbye. Thanks for listening!

Production note: Sorry for the mild echo and below-average audio quality -- we were in two different places. Blame Skype! 

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