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The Podcast About Division III Baseball

Feb 17, 2018

Welcome to Episode 5 of The Podcast About Division III Baseball. This is the fourth of our eight regional preview podcasts -- this one focuses on the Central Region. We run through the best teams from each of the four Central conferences, as well as two other teams in the region competing for a regional spot (one of which is kind of a big deal). 

  • CCIW (at 1:19): How will North Central (Ill.) follow up its incredible 2017 season? Which other teams could compete with the Fightin' Matejas?
  • MWC (at 8:34): It's St. Norbert's world, we're all just living in it
  • SLIAC (at 10:54): Will Webster reload after losing some premium talent? Can Greenville repeat as surprise conference champions?
  • IIAC (at 19:10): Is Wartburg actually the best team in the entire region? Also we explain why Nathan Schneiderman is so important. 
  • UChicago (at 25:36): Assessing the talent in their final year as an independent school
  • WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY IN ST. LOUIS BEARS (at 29:21): Jake offers his preview for his alma mater for the first season of the Post-Jake Mintz Era. 

We conclude (at 34:45) by running through some other notable players to watch in the Central region (mainly Jimi Keating), before giving our official TEAMS TO BEAT and our Player and Pitcher of the Year contenders.

Thanks for listening!

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