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The Podcast About Division III Baseball

Jun 8, 2018

Welcome to Episode 27 of The Podcast About Division III Baseball. This episode covers the twelve D-III players selected in the 2018 MLB Draft, and goes over what these guys did to earn the rare achievement of being drafted out of a D-III school. Before we dive into the draft, our podcast immediately goes off the rails when Jake finds a weeks-old piece of dried okra in his rug (at 2:40). Then we begin! We discussed each of the 12 draftees, in order of their selections:

  • Junior RHP Hugh Smith, Whitworth -- 6th round, Tigers (at 4:20)
  • Junior RHP Christian Cosby, Chapman -- 14th round, Royals (at 6:31)
  • Junior RHP Colin Selby, Randolph-Macon -- 16th round, Pirates (at 8:46)
  • Junior SS Michael Wielansky, Wooster -- 18th round, Astros (at 10:28)
  • Junior 3B Michael Mateja, North Central (Ill.) -- 25th round, Braves (at 13:55)
  • Senior RHP Colin Morse, Shenandoah -- 26th round, Nationals (at 17:07)
  • Senior RHP Heath Renz, UW-Whitewater -- 27th round, Rays (at 18:18)
  • Senior RHP Joel Condreay, Whitworth -- 21st round, Rockies (at 20:14)
  • Senior C Rainier Aguilar, Redlands -- 33rd round, Padres (at 22:06)
  • Junior RHP Charlie Ruegger, Stevens -- 33rd round, Yankees (at 24:29)
  • Junior RHP Cory Heitler, Ramapo -- 34th round, Reds (at 26:10)
  • Senior LHP Victor Cavalieri, Houghton -- 36th round, Braves (at 28:11)

Then we have a quick discussion about the guys we were most surprised were not drafted (at 30:29). Then we say goodbye. Thanks for listening!

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