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The Podcast About Division III Baseball

May 31, 2018

Welcome to Episode 26 of The Podcast About Division III Baseball. The season has come to an end, and it's time to review what we learned during the 2018 season and take a moment to appreciate the incredible run of the Texas-Tyler Patriots. Here's what we've got in this episode:

  • World Series review (at 1:32)
    • How the Patriots won it all
      • They proved rather loudly that they deserved the at-large bid they received
      • Notable performers: Blake Maddox, Alex Bishop, Simon Sedillo, Alexander Masotto 
      • Why many of these players are used to winning national championships
    • Texas Lutheran coming up just short (at 6:30)
      • The Bulldogs were our Team of Destiny, and they almost pulled it off
    • General takeaways from watching the games in Appleton (at 8:00)
  • Season in review (at 9:15)
    • What did we learn from doing a podcast about D-III baseball this season?
  • Draft Preview (at 11:30)
    • A small number of D-III players will be selected in next week's MLB Draft -- who are some of the guys that have a shot to get picked?
      • The four we are most closely watching (link to Cut4 article)
        • Junior RHP Hugh Smith -- Whitworth
        • Senior RHP Tommy Parsons -- Adrian
        • Junior SS Michael Wielansky -- Wooster
        • Senior OF Daytona Bryden -- UW-Whitewater
      • Some other guys we think could get picked on Day 3 (at 17:20)
    • Discussing the four categories of D-III draftees (at 20:10)

Then we abruptly say goodbye. Actually we don't even say goodbye. But thanks for listening!

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