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The Podcast About Division III Baseball

May 13, 2018

Welcome to Episode 16 of The Podcast About Division III Baseball. As we record on the morning of Selection Sunday, 33 of the 40 automatic bids have been clinched. This episode features a comprehensive look at the at-large field, and how Pool B and Pool C will likely shake out based on a variety of scenarios involving the results of Sunday's games. Here's how the at-large field looks:

  • 2 Pool B bids
    • The 3 teams we feel clearly have the best shot at these two spots
    • Why all three teams would have strong cases for Pool C regardless
  • 16 Pool C bids
    • The 10 teams we feel are the safest
    • The 6 teams we feel are on the bubble, but we project to be in
    • The 5 teams we feel are on bubble and have the best shot if a few things go their way on Sunday
    • 11 other worthy bubble teams that are in the discussion but we think fall just short

It's incredibly tough, but we do our best to discuss it all and cover as many scenarios as possible. We know we won't be totally accurate but we're doing our best to give you the best information and projections that we have. Thank you for listening!

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