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The Podcast About Division III Baseball

Mar 6, 2018

Welcome to Episode 10 of The Podcast About Division III Baseball. After spending eight podcasts previewing each of the eight regions of the D-III baseball universe, it's time to settle into the regular season and take stock in what we've seen so far. This episode includes...

  • 0:55 -- A discussion on the qualities of a good D-III baseball livestream, and why UMass-Boston is the gold standard
  • 3:12 -- Reviewing the Cortland/Johns Hopkins déjà vu walk-off dinger, and our thoughts on those two powerhouse teams thus far. What's wrong with Cortland? What makes Josh Hejka so incredible?  
  • 6:25 -- Is Trinity (Texas) BACK? Is that a dumb question? Probably.  
  • 8:35 -- Checking in on the Randolph-Macon Yellow Jackets, who had a hot start before getting swept at home by Rowan. Then we fall down a Rowan Profs rabbit hole. What is a Prof? 
  • 11:41 -- A couple teams that we liked heading into the season who have disappointed thus far
  • 13:00 -- An appreciation of Frostburg State senior right-hander Greg Schneider's outrageous start to the 2018 season
  • 14:32 -- Wooster update: they beat Mount Union and Dan Harwood went crazy! Hooray!
  • 15:35 -- WashU update: The upcoming Florida schedule is insane
  • 17:11 -- Our D-III hypothetical this week is: Which former D-III player currently in pro ball would make their alma mater a definitive World Series contender if they returned to the team today? 
  • 23:45 -- A hat tip to the teams who have yet to begin their season, and then we say goodbye.

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