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The Podcast About Division III Baseball

Oct 31, 2019

Welcome to Episode 55 of The Podcast About Division III Baseball. The MLB season ended, which means we needed to revert to D-III baseball coverage as soon as possible, which means we are back with a very special podcast. This episode features an interview with Tim Jorgensen, who played at Wisconsin-Oshkosh from 1992-1995 and holds the all-time record for most home runs in a single-season with 39 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) in 44 games in his senior year with the Titans. Tim was kind enough to join us and tell us about how he ended up at Oshkosh after getting heavily recruited by D-I schools, his legendary senior season, his adjustment to playing pro ball, being inducted into the College Baseball Hall of Fame alongside LITERALLY LOU BROCK, and more. It was a pleasure and we hope you enjoy our conversation.

Note: no idea when we will next do another D-III pod but you can expect we'll be back and better than ever in 2020 at the very least.